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    Published on May 19, 2023 last updated on May 19, 2023

    IAB Europe launches Transparency & Consent Framework 2.2

    Earlier this week, IAB Europe announced the launch of the latest updates to its Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF), version 2.2.

    For context, the TCF is described as :

    "The global cross-industry effort to help publishers, technology vendors, agencies and advertisers meet the transparency and user choice requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation"

    Created to help players in the online ecosystem comply with ePrivacy Directive and GDPR requirements, the TCF has undergone several iterations and recently faced scrutiny from regulators. To understand more about the framework and its latest developments over the past year, read this piece by Didomi.

    As Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and consumers demand increasingly higher data protection standards, IAB Europe has brought changes to meet these expectations. Among the most important changes this latest iteration brings, the TCF 2.2 introduces:

    • The removal of legitimate interest as a legal basis for advertising and content personalization

    • Improvements to information provided to end-users, from legal wording to more user-friendly description

    • Standardization of the additional information that vendors provide, including the categories of data collected and the retention period, for example.

    • More transparency over the number of vendors disclosed by Consent Management Platforms (CMPs)

    For a complete list of the changes, read the documentation provided by IAB Europe. In terms of timeline, IAB Europe has communicated on the following key dates: 

    • 30 June 2023: Deadline for vendors to update their Global Vendor List (GVL) registration

    • 31 July 2023: Deadline for Vendors to complete a TCF Compliance Assessment form

    • 30 September 2023: End of implementation period - deadline for CMPs to implement the new policies

    For a full breakdown, please head to the dedicated section on IAB Europe's website, or read the FAQ document provided by the organization. Want to discuss TCF 2.2 and what it implies for the data privacy industry and your company? Join the Yes We Trust on LinkedIn:


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