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    Published on December 28, 2023 last updated on December 28, 2023

    2023 Wrapped with Yes We Trust

    Early 2023, we introduced Yes We Trust as the go-to hub for staying informed about the dynamic world of privacy. 

    Over the last year, we fostered discussions and connections by giving a platform to diverse voices in the industry, interviewing data privacy professionals, and sharing news about some of the biggest events in the tech world.  

    Join us on a tour of 2023 as we do a quick recap.

    Spotlight on the professionals: best interviews of the year

    The community member interview series helped us gain valuable insights from professionals in the adtech, artificial intelligence, and digital media industries. 

    • Ross Webster - Privacy consultant specializing in Digital Media and Adtech

    With over two decades of experience, Ross shared his insights on the evolving landscape of data privacy, the challenges faced by businesses, and the transformative power of proactive privacy practices. 

    To read the full interview, click here

    With experience in AI legal engineering and AI-focused law firms, Clara provided insights into the intersection of data privacy and AI, highlighting challenges and legal trends, and emphasizing the importance of balancing innovation with privacy rights.

    To read the full interview, click here

    Top opinion pieces from the privacy soapbox

    In the Privacy Soapbox, we gave the stage to guest writers, privacy influencers, and opinionated writers to share their unique points of view, stories, and insights about the state of data privacy. Authors contributed to these articles in their personal capacity. 

    The automotive industry is rapidly evolving towards connected and smart vehicles, posing consumer data privacy challenges. While these innovations offer convenience and safety features, concerns about data sharing, consent transparency, and potential misuse by manufacturers persist. 

    Read the article here 

    Although they are the best solution we have as of now, consent banners have been under fire for a phenomenon known as "consent fatigue," arguing that upon overexposure to banners, internet users can be more prone to click buttons without carefully considering their choices. Can the solution be a standard similar to the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), to build a future where user preferences are seamlessly communicated across websites for an improved online experience?

    Read the article here 

    • Exploring the political divide in the U.S. privacy laws with Jeff Wheeler

    Conservative states favor business-friendly regulations, while liberal states prioritize individual rights, creating a regulatory maze for businesses. 

    The current lack of a federal privacy law reflects these ideological differences. How do we bridge this gap? 

    Read the article here

    • The case for urgent international cooperation on AI with Sarah Barker

    Artificial intelligence is arguably outpacing global data protection laws, and regulators are faced with the major challenge of keeping up. The infamous Clearview AI case has exposed some of the shortcomings of AI regulation so far, and the need for international collaboration on the topic.

    Read the article here 

    Breaking news of the year

    Throughout 2023, we published data privacy news weekly, covering everything from data privacy fines to the challenges of artificial intelligence, new regulations, and other newsworthy topics in our industry.

    • Meta fined a record €1.2B in May 

    Meta was fined 1.2 billion euros ($1.3B) by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), acting on behalf of the EU, for failing to comply with a 2020 decision on trans-Atlantic data transfers. 

    Read more

    • The European Union’s Digital Services Act came into force in August 

    While initially targeting EU citizens, the impact of the Digital Services Act (DSA) will resonate globally. Tech giants like Google and Apple are gearing for compliance with its strict regulations..

    Will this pave the way for a global shift towards transparency and safety?

    Read more

    • India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Bill became law in August 

    August marked a revolutionary movement in India as the upper house of the bicameral Parliament of India, passed India’s Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill 2023 and signed by President Droupadi Murmu on August 11th.

    Read more

    • Meta launched ad-free subscriptions in Europe in November 

    This move came as Meta faced regulatory challenges in the EU, including a record €1.2 billion fine from the Irish Data Protection Commission. The subscription fees vary, with options for ad-free desktop access at €10 per month and mobile access at €13 per month, available only to users aged 18 and older. 

    Read more

    • Google launches its GenAI model Gemini in December

    Google unveiled Gemini, its new Generative AI model, set to enhance various products worldwide. 

    Claiming superiority over OpenAI's GPT-4, Gemini excels in 30 out of 32 benchmarks. Accessible to developers and enterprises from December 13th, Gemini anticipates an "Ultra" version for intricate tasks early next year.

    Read more

    2023 has been special for Yes We Trust in many ways, and we are grateful for your loyalty. As we head into 2024, we look forward to more stimulating conversations, a continued flow of breaking news and regulations, and an increasing awareness of data privacy worldwide. 

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